Started in June 2012, by tattoo artist, Pranay Shah, Inks Tattoo Studio has added itself as an option to get inked at, apart from the handful of tattoo studios based in the Koregaon Park and Camp area of Pune. Based at Aundh Road, Inks is a focal point to the University of Pune, Aundh, Spicer College and E-square areas of Pune. Growing at a rapid pace, Inks has lodged over 500 tattoos in just under a year. Displaying a wide range in the style and designs, Inks offers its customers the best designs at workable rates. The main motto at Inks is safety and precaution, providing customers with 100% sterility using the Auto Clave Sterilizer and one time use of needles. Open all days of the week, customer preference for appointments makes it a easy scheduling affair at Inks. At Inks, it's all about inking memories than just designs.


The magic happens at:

Shop No. 3, Patil Complex,
Near Post Office, Aundh Road,
Pune - 411 020.

Get in touch:

+91 950 3738 314




    -   Apply A&D oinment 3 times a day in very minute quantities for four days.
    -   Wash the tattoo with Dettol liquid hand wash 2 times a day.
    -   Avoid swimming, exposure to sunlight and working out for 3 weeks.
    -   Once the tattoo starts scabbing, white skin flakes will appear, which is completely normal. Don't panic.
    -   Do not scratch or pull the flakes during the scabbing process.
    -   Apply baby oil to moisturize when the tattoo gets too dry.
    -   Avoid wearing tight clothes as it may cause friction against the tattoo.
    -   Avoid any other cream or lotions, including Vaseline, as they may cause colour loss.
    -   Heal it right to keep the tattoo bright and forever.